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Perfection-Imperfection - Exhibit

The objects in this category capture the pressures put on women to attain or maintain a particular beauty ideal. Once women and girls accept the premise that "figure flaws" exist, internalized pressures can result in eating disorders, skin lightening, plastic surgery, and corsetting. Overt body-shaming can also take place in more public forums.

Perfect Body

The Perfect Body

Attaining the Beauty Ideal: manipulated images present a beauty ideal that is impossible to attain. This can result in anxiety about appearance that sometimes leads women to take drastic measures.

Barbie ~ Nicole Outman

Ugly Women

“Ugly” Women

Artifacts in this section exaggerate features that society considers ugly or unattractive in women. Women are portrayed as old, wrinkled, or fat in ways that unfairly dismiss them.

Not Funny ~ Julie Alexander

Women of Color

Women of Color

From sub-human, to servant, to Jezebel, women of color face a number of sexist and racist stereotypes. These objects show the extent to which they can be both sexualized and marginalized.

Old maid cards

Old Women

In a society that values young women, old women are thought to have outlived their attractiveness and usefulness. They are sometimes considered more vocal, weak, needy, and vulnerable then they should be.

dumb women

“Dumb” Women

There are many ways society downplays women's intelligence, This objectification makes them seem easy to take advantage of and to control. This phenomenon is evidenced by common discourse such as: "Don't worry your pretty little head about it" or "I just had a blonde moment."