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Misogyny - Exhibit

Hatred of women simply because they are women can be brutal and direct, as in the bumper sticker featured to the right. It can also be disguised in the forms of stereotypes and generalizations about women being disloyal, controlling, and overly emotional. The museum features a number of disturbing objects that normalize violence against women.

Money is the root of all evil, and women must have roots


The artifacts below are undisguised in their hatred of women. Words and images are used to put women in their places, whether as servants or sexual objects.

Violence against women

Violence Against Women

These objects use sick humor and oversexualization to justify violence against women. Images such as these can be used to suggest that aggressive behavior is acceptable.

Silencing Women

Silencing Women

Stereotypes of angry and nagging women are used to suggest that women need to be physically silenced.