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Our Story - the Ferris Museum of Sexist Objects

Our History

David Pilgrim

The collection of the Ferris Museum of Sexist Objects (MoSO) has been built primarily by David Pilgrim, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Ferris State University and founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. Since 2014, more than 15 Ferris faculty, staff, and students have organized the Museum, the first of this type, around themes such as the "B" Word, Feminism and Anti-feminism, Women at Work, the Beauty Ideal, Violence against Women, and the Body as Object. The interdisciplinary organizing group includes faculty and staff from the Ferris Library for Information Technology and Education, the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, the Fine Art Gallery, and the Diversity and Inclusion Office. Professor Tracy N. Busch is the Lead Faculty for the MoSO and has headed up the project since 2013.

Our Team

Tracy Busch

The following faculty, staff, and administrators have contributed to building the museum: Jessica Cruz, Rachel Foulk, Peter Hector, Franklin Hughes, Mari Kermit-Canfield, Lisa Kemmis, Susan Morris, David Pilgrim, Fran Rosen, Wendy Samuels, Carrie Weis Stermer, Patty Terryn, Tracy Webb, and Trinidy Williams. More recently, Julie Alexander, William Gillis, Vanessa Marr, and Dejah Rubel have helped the MoSO grow further. The creation of the Museum would not have been possible without close collaboration, teamwork, and the diverse perspectives of the organizing groups members and the hard work of former Ferris students Nicole Outman and Megan Brown.