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Non-Ferris Program Considerations

We strongly encourage that Ferris students participate in the programs organized and sponsored by Ferris. In the event that none of our exchanges or faculty-led programs meet your individual need or interest, we will assist you in finding a program that does.

The first step in finding a non-Ferris program, is to obtain our approved list of programs sponsored by other institutions. As you consider non-Ferris programs, here are some factors you may wish to consider. These can help you narrow down the field and select a program that fits best with your academic and personal needs. Remember to start your research early!

First, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to learn from studying abroad?
  • What types of academic courses do I want to take abroad and what Ferris graduation requirements would I like them to fulfill (i.e. major, general education, elective)?
  • Do I want to study a foreign language?
  • How long do I want to be away? When is the best time to go?
  • Are there special requirements I need to satisfy (i.e. academic credit, language requirements)?
  • What is my country or region of interest?
  • How much money can I afford to spend?

Sponsoring Institutions

  • Whose program is it?
  • Is it run by another American university or college, educational organization or by a foreign university?
  • Is the school an accredited institution of higher learning?

In deciding whether or not to accept transfer credits from other study abroad programs, the Office of International Education and Ferris faculty look to see if the institution is accredited, either in the U.S. or in its own country. If you wish to receive credit at Ferris for courses taken abroad, these are important considerations:

  • What is the school's or program's reputation?
  • Does the program clearly state its purpose, structure, experience, etc. in its literature?
  • Does the program provide an orientation and what does it cover?
  • Are student services provided at the program site? If yes, what are they?

Classes and Enrollment

  • Would I enroll directly in classes at the foreign university, or is there a separate center for the program?
  • Are there special classes at the center?
  • What subjects are offered?
  • Who teaches the classes?
  • Will you be taking separate classes especially designated for foreign or American students, or will your fellow classmates be from the host country?
  • Do you have the necessary prerequisites to be admitted?
  • Are excursions or field trips related to the academic program or are they just for fun?

Language of Instruction

  • Are classes conducted in English or in the language of the host country?
  • What are the language requirements for applicants?

Duration of the program

  • Is this a year-long program, or can a student enroll for a single semester?
  • If this is a summer program, how many weeks is it?


  • How many credits can a student expect to earn?
  • How will they be reported to Ferris?
  • Will you receive a transcript from the American university or college, the foreign university itself, or from the program center?

It is generally easier to transfer credit when grade reports come from an accredited institution of higher learning (whether U.S. or abroad) rather than from an independent study abroad center. Also, keep in mind that not all universities operate on the same semester system and that the number of credits you earn may be adjusted when they transfer to Ferris.

Living Arrangements

  • Do students live with host families, in apartments, or in dormitories?
  • Who will make these arrangements?
  • Are meals included with the living arrangements?


  • What does the fee cover? It may be worth checking if public universities in your home state have study abroad programs as they can be significantly cheaper for in-state residents.
  • What does the fee not include? The cost of tuition, books, housing, food, special excursions, and airfare may or may not be included. Be sure to consider any costs for independent travel, passport and visa.
  • Are there extra costs for students that do not already attend the sponsoring institution?
  • Are the fees subject to change? If so, is there an estimate available?
  • Can the costs change after the program begins?

Financial Aid

  • Are there scholarships or financial aid programs for which you might qualify?
  • What expenses could be covered with financial aid?
  • Does Ferris' Financial Aid Office have a FAFSA on file for you? In other words did you already apply for financial aid for the academic year that you want to study abroad?

Contact with Host Culture
How will the program help you foster relationships with people in the host culture?