Ferris Foundation Committees


Foundation Directors: Tom Scholler, Chair | Ken Bailey | Andrew Kalinowski | Tim Murphy | Jack Roberts

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting): Jim Bachmeier, V.P. for Admin. & Finance | Barb Benda, Advancement | Mike Grandy, Finance Office | Bob Murray, Executive Director

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Review management practices and procedures
  2. Recommend enhancements to Foundation's operating procedures
  3. Recommend independent audit firm
  4. Present annual independent audit for full board review
  5. Development, recommendation, and oversight of annual budget

Current Agenda

  1. Creation of consolidated charitable gift quarterly reports
  2. Review and revision of Conflict of Interest document
  3. Establishment of a more meaningful set of fundraising performance standards in cooperation with the development committee




Foundation Directors: Dave Eisler, Chair | Gary Granger, Chair of Board | Kurt Hofman, Chair-Elect of the Board | John Hare, Immediate Past Chair | Tom Scholler, Secretary

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting): Bob Murray, Executive Director | Shelly Pearcy, VP for Advancement & Marketing.


Scope of Responsibility

  1. Identification and enlistment of individuals of wealth, influence, and special expertise who are capable of advancing Ferris and its mission
  2. Orientation and ongoing education of Foundation Directors
  3. Management and coordination of committee assignments
  4. Assessment and evaluation of Director performance

Current Agenda

  1. Refinement of the enlistment process
  2. Strategies for engaging and identifying individuals who fit the profile of the ideal Foundation Director as Ferris moves forward
  3. Ongoing diversification of Foundation membership
  4. Establishment of a regular and ongoing Board development and education program
  5. Incorporation of an ongoing Board education plan related to campaigns, fundraising, and awareness building




Foundation Directors: Jean Elder, Chair | Kevin Cross | David Eisler | Bob Friar | Gary Granger | Kurt Hofman | Karl Linebaugh | Adel Makki | Matt Nawrocki | Randy Phelps | Jack Roberts | Dick Shaw | Howard Stross

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting): Barb Benda, Advancement | Bob Murray, Executive Director

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Advancement of Ferris' philanthropic agenda
  2. Validation and selection of Ferris' fundraising priorities in consultation with the president, the academic leadership and Trustees
  3. Overall design and implementation of Ferris' fundraising strategies and plans including special event fundraising
  4. Systematic identification, cultivation and solicitation of prospects
  5. Engagement of Foundation Directors in the fundraising process
  6. Ongoing communication of Ferris' philanthropic agenda and progress toward fundraising objectives to the Foundation board
  7. Peer solicitation of Foundation Directors

Current Agenda

  1. Linkage of Ferris' vision and strategic directions to its philanthropic agenda
  2. Development and implementation of strategies that identify and engage individuals and organizations with the influence and resources capable of advancing Ferris' philanthropic agenda
  3. Establishment of the characteristics and practices of highly effective fundraising Foundations
  4. Engagement of Foundation Director's in all phases of development activity
  5. Development of a strong Development Committee that is capable of exercising greater leadership




Foundation Directors: Susan Jones, Chair | John Engelman | Bob Friar | Mindy Anderson | John Fenn | Joe Mikols, Emeriti

Faculty Members of Committee: Jeff Carney, ET | Margaret de Voest, COP | Amy Dinardo, MCO | Anita Fagerman, COB | Paul Klatt, A&S | Susan Wancour, Health Professions

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting): Barb Benda, Advancement | Matt Chaney, OMSS | Loura Monahan, Admin. & Finance | Leah Monger, FLITE | Bob Murray, Executive Director | Krissy Workman, Financial Aid

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Develop and recommend gifts and grants policies and procedures
  2. Monitor scholarship awards for compliance with donor specifications
  3. Recommend and monitor grant disbursement
  4. Recommend student scholarship recipient(s) for Foundation Scholarship
  5. Recommend additional resources for exceptional merit grants and Foundation for Excellence Scholarships

Current Agenda

  1. Enhancement of the stewardship of existing endowments
  2. Creation of a meaningful opportunity for connecting donors with endowment beneficiaries on a consistent basis
  3. Review of Exceptional Merit Grant proposals and submission of nominations to Foundation Board
  4. Review of Foundation for Excellence Scholarship candidates and submission of nominations to Foundation Board.
  5. Enhancement of resources available for exceptional merit grants and Foundation for Excellence
  6. Scholarship in cooperation with the Development Committee




Foundation Directors: Karl Roth, Chair | Paul Eichenberg | Thomas Scholler | Kevin Simon | Denny Nickels | Dave Nicol, Dean for College of Business | Terry Stewart


FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting): Jim Bachmeier, V.P. for Admin. & Finance | Barb Benda, Advancement | Mike Grandy, Finance Office | Bob Murray Executive Director

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Investment policy and guidelines
  2. Appointment and removal of investment managers
  3. Oversight of investment practices and activities

Current Agenda

  1. Ongoing review of investment performance
  2. Explorations of alternative investment strategies
  3. Review of special gift opportunities for feasibility/acceptance