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Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Scholarship

Financial Aid to Build Your Career in the Printing Industry

The Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation, Inc. was a nonprofit corporation established in 1981 to provide financial assistance for advanced education for young people pursuing a career in the printing industry. The Foundation has since been dissolved, and the scholarship funds are now available for Ferris State Graphic Communications/Graphic Media Management students.

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To be eligible to compete for a scholarship award, the student must be:

  1. Interested in a career in the printing industry.
  2. A high school senior or a high school graduate.
  3. Preparing to enroll or already enrolled in Ferris' Graphic Communications or Graphic Media
  4. A full-time student. (Scholarships are not awarded for part-time study.)
  5. Able to maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average).

Scholarship Awards

The number and the amount of the awards granted are dependent upon the funds available. The award amount will be at least $3,000. A scholarship grant may be awarded for the full four years of college (unless otherwise specified) provided the recipient maintains a high scholastic average and continues studies in either Graphic Communications or Graphic Media Management. The student’s transcript is reviewed at the end of each academic year and, if satisfactory, the award may be extended for the next year.


Students must complete the application and submit a complete high school or college transcript of grades by April 1. Applicants are solely responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information.


Scholarship recipients must enroll in their educational programs no later than the fall semester of the year in which their awards are given. Recipients are required to provide Ferris State University with the following:

  1. Current transcripts.
  2. If granted a scholarship, a current photograph to be used for Ferris State University's Annual Report.
  3. Notification of any changes of address, school enrollment, or other pertinent information.

Recipient Selection

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of:

  • Statement of a career goal in printing
  • Academic achievement, honors, leadership, participation in school and community activities
  • Work experience
  • Recommendations as specified
  • Answering all required questions

Awarded scholarships will be based on the Graphic Media Management program faculty selection procedures and available funds. Not all applicants will receive awards.