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PTM Student Spotlight

Meet Solomon Korringa

Hometown: Otsego, Michigan
Status: Senior in the PTM Program

PTM: Tell us about your tennis background. How long have you been playing tennis?  Who inspired you to play?

Solomon Korringa: I started playing tennis when I entered into middle school (6th grade).  I did not know anyone who played tennis, I just wanted to try another sport.  Charles Parker was the high school coach who also enjoyed overseeing the middle school program and was a great mentor.  I loved volleys at the net and running down balls to put them back over the net.  I continued playing year-round and tried out for varsity as soon as I entered high school.  I loved the atmosphere Coach Parker brought to practices and the bond that the team shared.  I played 4 doubles on varsity my freshman year, 2 doubles my sophomore year, 1 doubles my junior year, and 2 singles my senior year.  I loved playing doubles the most for the energy and synergy, and broke our school’s doubles winning record my junior year.  I never played USTA sanctioned tournaments and didn’t take more than a small handful of lessons before Ferris, but I always loved the chance to grow my playing ability and to play more matches.

PTM: Why did you choose the PTM program at Ferris State University?

SK: I chose to come to Ferris because it is the top PTM program in the nation and I qualified for the top academic scholarship, so I knew I could afford it. I chose PTM because I love tennis and I knew how valuable a very high job placement is to make sure I can actually use my degree to further my career.  PTM is a family where everyone can feel welcome and included, which is a big deal with people like me who are naturally more introverted.  Also, the hands-on approach that PTM offers allow for the best and most interactive learning environment that you will find.  Questions are praised and welcome because everyone wants to help you to succeed.

PTM: How many internships have you been on?  What has been the best experience you had while on internship?


SK: I have been on one official internship at Inverness Golf Club in Illinois and I worked at Royal Melbourne Country Club (also in Illinois) with other PTM students even though I couldn’t convert it into an internship due to an unfortunate situation. My experience at Inverness helped me develop my teaching in a country club setting. My mentor and boss there was Jason Bates, he helped me improve my teaching and made sure I had experience with a variety of ages, a variety of playing abilities, and that I could maintain a clay court. Royale Melbourne helped me develop better lesson plans and introduced me to pickleball. My mentor and boss there was Mike Lardino, he made sure that I was better prepared for the country club setting and gave me the opportunity to teach pickleball clinics.

PTM: Besides the PTM program, what else do you enjoy about Ferris State University/Big Rapids?

SK: I enjoy the family that the PTM program provides. The best activities outside of PTM are days we went bowling, disc golfing, golfing, and tubing down the Muskegon River.  We bond together and want everyone to feel welcome and like they belong.  The more you participate in social activities, the more you connections you gain for both your personal and professional life.

PTM: What are your career aspirations after graduating from PTM?

SK: I love seeing the progress people make as they are coached and I love seeing people reach their goals.  I enjoy private lessons and round robins, but I do not want to spend my whole career on court.  I want to start on court to gain the experience and connections I need to move to more of an off-court position.  I also love learning about and teaching other racquet sports (pickleball and padel tennis) because it adds new and exciting experiences to our time on court.  I love tennis, but my love is not restricted to just tennis, I love pickleball and padel tennis as well.  Why teach just one racquet sport when you can further your career by learning and teaching more racquet sports.  Eventually I would like to be director of racquet sports at a country club or racquet center.  I want to develop others to be the best coach they can be and I want to help them develop themselves to pursue their dream career.

My degree is a PTM business major with a psychology minor.  Some of the skills that I have gained throughout my time at Ferris are an understanding of people and how they function, how to identify problems and how to work towards a solution from a variety of angles, how to create lesson plans and curriculums, how to identify the goals my clients have and how to reach them, how to string racquets, how to upkeep and maintain clay courts, how to teach pickleball, how to motivate people, how to run tournaments, and how to connect to others in a more meaningful way.

PTM: If someone is interested in having a career in tennis, why should they consider Ferris State’s PTM program?

SK: Others should join PTM because here we do not just deal with theory, we  deal with real life.  You’ll find this to be true not just in PTM, but also in your other business courses here at Ferris.  Our program is also deeply connected and interpersonal.  We want to welcome you to our family and become both lifelong friends and connections for your professional career.  We care about your success just as much as you do.  You will be developed into an amazing tennis professional and will gain the skills you need to make it in the real world.

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