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Internship Story: Charna Brooks - Haggerty Logistics

Internship Story: Charna Brooks - Haggerty Logistics, 2015

Operations and Supply Management student Charna Brooks is currently interning at Haggerty Logistics, a sector of L&W Group that’s based in New Boston, Michigan.

Originally a transfer student from Lansing Community College, Brooks has benefited from her time at Ferris.

“Ferris has prepared me for this internship by giving me a foundation of basic knowledge that I can tap into in order to understand what my managers and coworkers. One of my most beneficial skills learned at Ferris, is actually how to use excel proficiently. I use excel a ton, so it has been incredibly helpful to know how to do many things quickly and efficiently,” said Brooks.

Although Brooks is not entirely sure of her career goals, she is very pleased with her experience at Haggerty Logistics. One project in particular that she is fond of is eliminating wasted time in the daily activities of truck drivers, and finding a solution to the issue.

In thinking about the long-term, Brooks wishes “to be stationary in one company, but not geographically as I have aspirations of seeing the world. I think that many of the classes I am taking, as well as the internship that I am currently doing are helping to prepare me for a myriad of possibilities in the future.”

Entering her senior year at Ferris, Brooks will apply the information she’s learned on internship to her final year as an undergrad.

“The most valuable piece of information that I have learned as an intern is how to find the information that I need to know. There are not books that will conveniently help you answer a question, like in class. Instead, I must actively seek out the people and other resources that will help me find the information that I need. Surrounding myself with individuals that are knowledgeable of the company, are competent in their fields, and are willing to help me, is essential,” said Brooks.

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