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Final Course Project Fall 2019

During the Fall 2019 semester, Dr. Lisa Eshbach’s Lean Logistics and Supply Management students worked with three Ferris State University partners on their final course project – the Racquet and Fitness Center, IT Operations, and Center of Latin@ Studies.

The project’s objective was to analyze a process, make improvement recommendations, based on lean principles learned in class and, if possible, implement the recommendations. Lean principles, when applied consistently, assist with eliminating wastes and improving daily work processes thereby, increasing a process’ operational efficiency from a quality, time, cost, etc. perspective.

The first step of the final project was to visit each of the sponsor’s areas. The student teams completed a Project Scope form with the sponsor. The teams subsequently met weekly with the project sponsor to discuss the project and potential opportunities to improve the process.

The students, who worked with the Racquet and Fitness Center focused on streamlining the new membership process to make it more efficient for the general public. The students, who worked with IT Operations, concentrated on making improvements with the alumni giving process. The team who worked with the Center of Latin@ Studies examined how to decrease the complexity and number of steps involved for the Promesa Summer Success Program application process.

Each project’s solution was uniquely developed by the student teams. All student teams used the value stream mapping tool to map the existing process and obtain baseline process metrics. Additionally, each team developed an A3 for the situation, a visual management board/system and a standardized work for their projects. These projects provided an opportunity, for the students, to apply theory to practice in an application-based setting.

The final team project proposals suggested options to increase process efficiency and quality. The three teams presented their findings and recommendations to the sponsors during finals week in December 2019.

Students posed for photo

Special thanks to Amy Nestle, Racquet and Fitness Center, Mark Wilk of IT Operations and Kaylee Burke of the Center of Latin@ Studies for their time, providing access and process information for the student teams during the semester.