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OSM Alumni Spotlight: Jamie O'Connor

OSM Alumni Spotlight: Jamie O'Connor – B.S. Operations and Supply Management, 2018

                                                       Jamie O'Connor

Jamie is a 2018 graduate from the  Operations and Supply Management program! She currently works for Kohler Co. as a  Supply Chain Analyst. Regarding the OSM program, she writes, "The OSM/Lean curriculum has influenced my career by helping me with looking at all processes around me, even if they are tedious and finding ways to improve those processes. Reducing the amount of non-value-added tasks will save everyone time.  I was even able to sit in on a few projects where we had to map out the current and future state of a current process at Kohler, and it brought me right back to all my classes I took at Ferris!  I’m always looking at how to make my job easier, and the OSM/lean curriculum sure helped me." Wow, that is an excellent full circle moment Jamie! She also writes, "Some advice I can give to future OSM/lean students is save all of your books. I still have some of mine that I look back at from time to time. I even use them to help with my current certification I am working towards. Also, pay attention to all the techniques you are taught! They will be VERY useful in your career. Having the ability and knowledge to use the lean techniques in everyday life will help you thrive in your career. I know I am definitely thankful I picked the path I did, and I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors." Thank you for such excellent advice, Jamie! Keeping your books is such a great tip that some often forget! 
  We hope your future endeavors include staying connected with the Ferris alumni family!  

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