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OSM Alumni Spotlight: Mabel Acosta

OSM Alumni Spotlight: Mabel Acosta – B.S. in Operations and Supply Management, Lean Systems Certificate, 2015
                                          Mabel Acosta

Mabel has a bachelor’s degree in Operations and Supply Management with a Certificate in Lean Systems! Currently she works as a  Graduate Leadership Development Program Associate – General Manager track, at Thermo Fisher Scientific! As far as her OSM experience she writes, "The OSM/lean curriculum has influenced my career in more ways than one. First, my network in the program helped me get my first job after college. Secondly, I have regularly seen the lean principles applied in my career. Learning how to be more efficient and focus on value-added processes is a skill that is translatable to any organization or role. And lastly, I am lucky to say that because of the curriculum at Ferris, I was one of the few who could regularly and promptly spot areas of continuous improvement. The skills learned while in the program help me stand out among my peers as I navigate my career. I would not be where I am today if it were not for this experience." Thank you for such a great testament to your Ferris experiences, Mabel! As far as advice for current/future students in the program she writes, "My advice to take every opportunity possible, because you do not know what it could lead to. Undertaking what the program has to offer is just the beginning and starting off strong can greatly set you up for success later. The entire program team wants to see you do well, and therefore, they are noting the hard effort each student is putting in. This comes back to pay ten-fold. Embrace the chance to develop by utilizing the team and resources given. When you leave the program, then you will look back, gratefully, and see how your journey was impacted profoundly by the support provided during your time in OSM/lean." 
Thank you so much for your encouraging words! We are happy to have you as one of our valued Alumni and appreciate your involvement in our OSM program and the OSM advisory board, Mabel! 

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