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Arts and Sciences Commons

Student Success

Strategic Goal: Student Success

CASE will meet student where they are, expanding access to a Ferris education and providing timely, effective whole-student support that removes barriers to degree completion. 

Measures of Success

  • Increased offerings for non-traditional and satellite campus learners.
  • Professional development program available for all advisors. 
  • New student success and support initiatives implemented. 
  • Increased faculty participation in professional development that supports student success and retention. 

Initiative SS1

Prioritize advising.


Action Steps

  • Implement a sustainable professional development model for new and practicing advisors, with clearly identified trainer responsibilities. 
  • Incorporate records review and discussion of applicable associate degrees or certificates into advising of non-returning bachelor program students.

Initiative ss2

Develop additional ways to support the needs of new and existing student populations across all campuses.


Action Steps

  • Expand cohort development using FSUS sections linked to common first-year courses. 
    Implement creative ways to expand student access to learning support options and access for academically challenging courses. 
  • Promote awareness of mental health issues and student support services, as well as strategies faculty may use to support these students. 
  • Promote professional development to enhance inclusive teaching practices 

Initiative SS3

Advocate for equitable access to high-impact practices across all campuses.


Action Steps

  • Reach out to collaborate with EIO.
  • Promote additional and equitable research opportunities, internships, faculty support, etc.