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Arts and Sciences Commons

CASE Strategic Planning

College of Arts, Sciences and Education Strategic Plan
2020 - 2025

CASE recognizes and values diversity among students, faculty and staff. This plan was created to explicitly and implicitly embrace these values, and advocate for respectful, equitable, and safe environments that are inclusive for all.

These values were also embraced in the process of developing this strategic plan, which was written by the members of the CASE Planning Committee with input from the entire CASE community.

CASE Planning Committee Members

  • David Marquard (Committee Chair, 2020-21)
  • Penney Nichols-Whitehead (Committee Chair, 2019-20)
  • Dan Adsmond
  • Michael Berghoef
  • Richard Scott Cohen
  • David Frank
  • Liza Ing
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Jody Ollenquist
  • Victor Piercey
  • Elizabeth Post
  • Wendy Samuels
  • Kristi Scholten
  • Anne Spain
  • Kirk Weller
  • Trinidy Williams
  • Changqi Zhu
  • M. Beth Zimmer