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Arts and Sciences Commons

Pride and Community

Strategic Goal: Pride and Community

CASE will provide empowering experiences and partnerships.

Measures of Success

  • Increased program enrollment and retention.
  • Increased alumni contact responses and event attendance.
  • Increased experienceship/collaboration opportunities with community partners.
  • Positive experienceship/collaboration feedback from students, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Modified hiring practices with an increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Initiative PC1

Share our founders’ emphasis on opportunity.


Action Steps

  • Publicize CASE programs that highlight its diverse and unique nature.;
  • Strategically deploy student recruiters, particularly in underrepresented areas.
  • Investigate and deploy hiring strategies that will improve diversity of faculty and staff.

Initiative PC2

Nurture a sense of safety, belonging, and validation for all members of the CASE community.


Action Steps

  • Create promotion and advancement processes that ensure equitable opportunities and recognize a diverse array of contributions to the institution.
  • Identify barriers to retention and develop strategies that improve degree completion for both underserved and underrepresented student groups.

Initiative PC3

Expand CASE alumni engagement.


Action Steps

  • Feature alumni as ambassadors to external constituents and partners.
  • Develop more effective ways to track and record alumni engagement.
  • Expand alumni events and activities.
  • Utilize multiple strategies to communicate and seek partnerships with alumni (e.g., social media, guest speaker invitations, advisory boards, etc.).
  • Highlight CASE alumni accomplishments.

Initiative PC4

Pursue opportunities that strengthen partnerships with local communities.


Action Steps

  • Increase CASE community engagement activities between students, faculty, staff, local governments, businesses, educational affiliates, and civic organizations.
  • Strengthen CASE partnerships with communities and organizations.