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Arts and Sciences Commons

Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Goal: Institutional Effectiveness

CASE will enhance efficiency to support innovation, collaboration, inclusion, accessibility, and transparency.

Measures of Success

  • Documented streamlining of college processes with fewer steps and less paper.
  • Use of non-curricular program assessment data to inform decision-making and advocacy.
  • Demonstrated use of Office 365 and other technology to address stakeholder needs.

Initiative IE1

Improve and streamline administrative functions and processes.


Action Steps

  • Review department, College, and department-to-College workflow processes and simplify as applicable.
  • Review department and College documents and transition paper-based items to paperless as applicable.

Initiative IE2

Apply CASE assessment practices to non-curricular programs residing in the College.


Action Steps

  • Identify non-curricular programs and develop outcomes as needed.
  • Create and implement assessment plans.

Initiative IE3

Leverage technology and university software to improve accessibility, inclusion, and efficiency in all CASE functions.


Action Steps

  • Gather baseline data to identify stakeholder needs.
  • Evaluate existing technology and identify ways to address unmet needs.
  • Provide professional development specific to departments and other user groups.