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Ed Tseng: Keeping Sports in Focus

PTM Grad Puts Career on Display

two old baseballs entitled Essentials

Ed Tseng (B’97) would like to be the next Charles Conlon—whose baseball photographs from 1904-1942 are widely considered among the finest athletic photos ever taken.

Tseng has had the chance to photograph such star players as David Cone and Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium. On the other hand, his experience as a certified tennis professional at the Princeton (N.J.) Racquet Club and his Professional Tennis Management degree yield photographs that capture the action and emotion of world-class tennis. Having been on the court with Martina Navratalova hasn’t hurt, either.

And if there can be a third hand, he wouldn’t mind if the New Jersey-based band he’s photographer for, The Alice Project, went on to be as big as Springsteen.

Tseng finds it hard to choose favorites. Baseball or tennis? Still-lifes or action shots? It’s a tough call.

Tennis player entitled Out in Front

"Out in Front" 

Tennis player entitled Comeback Kid

"Comeback Kid" 

Derek Jeter of New York Yankees baseball fame

"Derek Jeter"

action photo from a baseball game entitled Base Hit

"Base Hit"

close-up photo of a baseball glove called Untitled


action photo of tennis star Anna Kournikova

"Anna Kournikova"