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Wage Rates

Effective January 1, 2020

  • Level I — Pay Range ($9.65 – $9.95)
  • Level II — Pay Range ($9.65 – $10.25)
  • Level III — Pay Range ($9.65 – $10.65)
  • Level IV — Pay Range ($9.65 – $13.10)

Determining Wages

It is up to the employing department to determine a pay rate that falls within the appropriate range; however, it is usually best to start at the lower end leaving room for pay increases when warranted.

The Student Employment office must approve any exception to the above pay rates. The request for an exception must be submitted in writing to the Student Employment manager. The request should include the requested pay rate and the justification for the higher rate of pay such as special skills and experience required.

  •  Level I
    Job Duties Required Experience Skill Level Supervision
    General routine work involving simple to moderate levels of difficulty Little or no previous education/experience necessary

    Requires training in routine procedures

    Few or no special skills necessary Closely supervised

    Uses Little independent judgment or initiative

    No supervision of other student employees


    Desk Service Assistant Customer service representatives will be responsible for the overall operations involved with working the residence hall front desk. Staff will assist residents, answer phones, perform functions with night security, check out desk equipment and computer keys, and assist the hall director and desk manager as needed. Various clerical duties will also be performed including opening mail, answering the telephone, etc.

  •  Level II
    Job Duties Required Experience Skill Level Supervision
    Performs moderately difficult tasks

    Works within general guidelines including written or verbal

    Moderate level of related education/work experience required (minimum one semester) Related Skills

    Knowledge and skills to perform independently with limited training

    Limited supervision

    Uses independent judgment and initiative

    No supervisory duties


    Maintenance Students must have prior maintenance experience that provides familiarity with processes and procedures for project startup, continuation, and completion. Applicants should have prior experience with hand tools, power tools and equipment and should be able to work independently to complete projects on time and with provided resources. Students will also assist maintenance personnel with painting, getting materials, taping, and with the completion of work orders and other duties as they are assigned.

  •  Level III
    Job Duties Required Experience Skill Level Supervision
    Performs tasks involving a high level of difficulty and complexity

    Duties which may be technical in nature

    Must demonstrate good independent judgment and decision making ability

    High level of previous experience required (minimum of two semesters or equivalent) High level of related skills

    Possesses knowledge and abilities to perform duties with little/no training

    Prioritizes and performs multiple tasks with attention to detail

    Performs independently with minimal supervision

    Exercises independent judgment and initiative

    May require supervisory duties over some student employees


    Child Caretaker Students must assist teachers in the normal daily activities at Tot’s Place. Duties will include assisting with meal times, diaper changing, projects, activities, outdoor play, and classroom maintenance. Additional duties include supervising small groups of children with or without a supervising teacher present and taking on management responsibility associated with the classroom including lesson planning, supervision of children, supervision of university student employees, and parent communication.

  •  Level IV
    Job Duties Required Experience Skill Level Supervision
    Perform highly skilled duties with considerable internal/external contacts

    Must exercise independent judgment and perform self decided tasks
    Responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing assigned projects

    Personal accountability similar to faculty/staff or administrative positions

    Substantial previous work or educational experience

    Typically an undergraduate with exceptional skill or experience in a particular field

    Skilled and knowledgeable in all required duties

    Performs duties independently with minimal job training

    Prioritizes and performs multiple tasks with great attention to detail

    Performs independently with minimal supervision

    Exercises independent judgment and initiative

    May require supervision, training, and evaluation or other student employees

    Instruction and evaluation of student progress may be involved


    Database Programmer Applicants must create queries and design databases. The job may also require work with programs such as SIS/Banner architecture, Web development/HTML experience-Flash, Cold Fusion, ASP, dBase, SQL, or similar. Experience with Microsoft Office products, particularly Access and Excel is a plus.