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Job Search Overview


Students looking for on or off campus employment in the Big Rapids area can use the FSU Student Employment website to search current employment opportunities. This website provides a a variety of information and resources to help you understand the student employment process.

Basic Eligibility/Requirements

Students must typically be enrolled at least half time to be eligible to work on campus. For undergraduate students 6 credits is considered half time, for graduate students 5 credits is half time. Students are allowed to work up to 24 hours per week during the academic year (fall/spring semesters).

Students must be registered for classes in order to be able to view job postings on line. This is necessary because many jobs have specific times that they need students to work. Until you are registered for classes, employers are not able to determine if your schedule meets their needs.

Types of Jobs Available

There are a variety of jobs available on campus. For instance the dining facilities, residence halls, UREC, academic offices, grounds crew and every other department on campus hires student employees. .

Work Study vs. non Work Study

Some jobs require that you have work study to apply for them. Work study is a financial aid program that is awarded to eligible students based on their financial aid application. Work study jobs are funded by the federal government and the student wages do not come from the department’s budget. Because the student salary is paid by these funds some departments only hire students with work study funding. Students who do not have work study as part of their financial aid package are more limited in their job opportunities but there are usually many non work study options, especially if you begin your job search early.

Applying for Student Jobs

Jobs opportunities are posted beginning with the following dates: (Please note that if the date falls on a weekend, jobs will be posted the following Monday).

Academic Year — August 1st

Kendall College of Art and Design job postings will be emailed to your Ferris email account.

After students have registered for classes they may log into the job search site. Click on "Job Postings" under the "Employment Information" heading on this page to view current job listings.

Log in using your user name and password. The first time you log in you will be directed to fill out your profile. The profile is a short resume that will print whenever you apply for a job. It is important to keep your profile current. You may log in at any time to update your profile. When you click on “View Jobs” you will be directed to all of the current job postings that you are eligible to apply for.

When you scroll through the posted jobs you will see job titles and short descriptions. If you see a job you are interested in you may click on the job title for more information. If you wish to apply for that job you may then print a referral form by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page. The referral form will print with information about the job, the contact person, address etc.; as well as information about you that the employer will use to determine if they want to interview you. There is also a place for you to fill in your schedule. Please “X” out those times you are in class so the employer will be able to look at your schedule and quickly know when you are available to work. A copy of your profile will also print when you print the referral form.

You should take your referral form to the person indicated at the top of the form and request an interview. If you are hired after an interview, there will be additional paperwork you will need to complete.

Hiring Process

After you have been offered employment there will be several forms for you to complete. You must complete an I-9 form. Your employer will ask you to bring in two types of identification and will tell you what forms of identification are acceptable. They cannot, however, tell you which forms of identification you must provide. You can find out more information about the I-9 and the types of acceptable documentation here. The documents must be originals.

You will also be asked to present your Social Security card to ensure that your name and social security number are reported correctly to the IRS for tax purposes. The other forms you will be required to complete are the federal, state and city W-4s. The purpose of the W-4 is to make sure that our Payroll office is taxing your income as you have indicated. Here is a link to instructions to complete the W-4.

Depending on the position you are being hired for, there may be additional forms for you to complete such as confidentiality forms, criminal background checks etc.

Getting Paid

Students who work on campus get paid every two weeks (every other Friday). Students may choose to receive a Focus Pay Card or set up a direct deposit account. Click Here

If you have an outstanding bill with the University, your student pay check does NOT apply directly to the bill. It is your responsibility to contact Student Financial Services for payment. Student wages start at the minimum wage and go up depending on the responsibility/skill level of work the student is performing. Click Here