Getting Paid

  • Generally speaking, a student entering into the student payroll system is not paid for three to four weeks. When a student begins working during the two-week pay period and hours are submitted on the last day of the pay period, an additional two weeks are needed for the student payroll to be completed and a check issued. Paychecks are issued bi-weekly on Friday.

  • Students pick up their check in the department where they are employed. You must show your current Ferris ID or drivers license to receive your check. If a student works in more than one area, only ONE check is issued, and it will be delivered to the home department. All hours worked during the two-week period will be reflected on that one paycheck.

    When a payday occurs during term break, checks can be mailed to the student. The student must provide an addressed, stamped envelope in which to mail the check. The students should give the envelope to the department where they would normally pick up their check. Checks for any students who do not wish to have their checks mailed will be available in the department as usual.

  • If there has been an error in the reporting of student hours by the department, the department can send a written request to the Payroll Office to make arrangements for a special check. Special checks are for students who have worked 10 hours or more.

    The special check represents 90% of the student's gross wages. The other 10% is kept for estimated taxes. Any excess of the estimated taxes will be refunded on the next pay.

  • Wages received by student employees are subject to federal, state and city tax deductions. Social Security (FICA) is deducted during the summer semesters if the student is enrolled in less than a ½ time status. All taxes will be deducted from graduate students with less than 5 credits.

    The rules for being EXEMPT from federal taxes have changed. If your parents or another person can (not will, but can) claim you as a dependent on their tax return, you will have to pay some income tax for the year and cannot be exempted from withholding.

  • The general rule for most students: claim zero (0) exemptions if you expect to be claimed as a dependent on your parent's or other person's tax return. (W-4 example, W-4 example for international students)

  • To make any necessary changes or corrections in this information, the student must fill out a W-4 Form in their employing department and attach a note indicating what type of change is being made. This W-4 Form should then be sent to The Student Employment Office, who will make the necessary changes. Our office cannot, and will not, make any changes, unless a W-4 is submitted.

  • W-2 Forms will be available in MyFSU>Student>[email protected]>Student Employment section. Select W2 Year End Earnings Statement. You will be prompted to confirm that you will not receive a printed W-2 in the mail from Ferris.

    If you do access your electronic W-2, you will need your employee PIN in order to print it. Your PIN is your six digit birthdate MMDDYY. If the PIN fails to work, you will need to contact TAC at 231.591.4822 or 877.779.4822 to have it reset.

    If you choose not to access your electronic W-2, a paper W-2 will be mailed to your permanent home address by the end of January.

    Seniors or students leaving school should make sure the address on their check is where they want their last check(s) and W-2 Form sent to prevent any unnecessary delays.

    Any change in address for the W-2 forms must be made by December 10th. Beyond that date, the actual form cannot be corrected. However, the student can give The Student Employment Office their current address by submitting a new W-4 form, and if the W-2 form is returned; we will then mail it to that address.