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Pat on the Back Awards May 2011

Congratulations to -

We would like to nominate Debra Savides from the Payroll Office for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. She efficiently handled some payroll issues for us in a friendly, professional manner. You rock Deb!!!!!!!

I would like to nominate Steve Dockham, Gabe Afton (Student), Steve Costello and Randy Shanks of IT services. At our off campus location, they installed new computers and coordinated with the community college's staff to transition our IT services completely over to Ferris. It took a great deal of work and the team met each new challenge with professionalism and persistence. They also kept us continually updated on the progress and frequently checked on the status of the changes along the way. It was definitely a job well done and deserving of a pat-on-the-back!

I want to nominate Shari Chamberlain for a POTB award.  Even though she was extremely busy with admissions, when I called about two new transfer students that were somewhere in the admit process, she dropped everything and help take care of them so that we could get them into summer classes which were filling.  She was helping us until after 5:00 pm on Friday and the students were very appreciative and couldn't believe that we were so quick & helpful.  Shari is always there to help in anyway that she can and we really appreciate it.

I would like to nominate Paula Olson for the Pat on the Back award. Paula is the secretary to the Dean of the COEHS and is located at Bishop Hall. She had been so helpful with her assistance to me while I have taken on the additional responsibilities of secretary to the RLSW since the retirement of the previous secretary.

I would like to nominate Nancy Sage from the FSU Counseling Center, for all of her hard work with the Sexual Assault Awareness Week and her super positive attitude. Nancy has been instrumental in managing all of our finances and purchasing for the Sexual Assault Awareness Week, which has been extra work that she didn't need to do. On top of taking on extra work, she has always been an extremely nice and kind person to work with. Thank you Nancy Sage for all that you do!

I would like to nominate the following people for a Pat-on-the-back award: Of course this is the time during the Academic Year when the campus begins buzzing with different year-end events and activities. I would like to thank the College of Pharmacy Dean's office (Tara Lee, Patricia Maguire, Madalyn Bartkowiak, Emily Jorgensen, Melissa Saunders, Bethany Ginnever (student) and Kristin Tanner (student)) for their help with all of the events taking place throughout the months of March, April and May. What a great team to work with! So often people take for granted the work and contributions of others and come to expect it. I want them to know how much they are all appreciated! Appreciation is a wonderful thing; It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ~Voltaire

Christy Bregg with University Printing has been absolutely amazing to work with. Very accommodating and extremely helpful! She has went above and beyond in helping our College with some last minute invitation and print needs during this past semester. I would highly recommend the use of University Printing to anyone and I know that Christy will take care of anyone who knocks at her door. Thank you Christy - you do awesome work!

Richelle was instrumental in providing administrative assistance in coordinating the recent National Public Health Week. Her role especially was important in maintaining ongoing contact with agencies in the community that participated. She also was instrumental in the development of the first annual event in 2010. She is recognized by many people for her ability to go above and beyond her regular duties and promote the values of FSU. She is an outstanding FSU employee. With her effort we had a successful pedestrian safety day and blood drive. In addition she was involved in the student poster sessions, area agency day displays, FSU School of Optometry and Pharmacy exhibit and the visit by the Field Neuroscience Institute. She rates as one of the best resource people with all the people in Allied Health.