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Pat on the Back Awards February 2011

Congratulations to -

I would like to nominate Tina Smith.  I have been with Ferris for about 2 yrs. now and anytime I have a question regarding procedure/policy/protocol, I know that I can count on Tina to answer my question(s) or help me find the answer. Tina has taken on the task of scheduling rooms for all of the programs in Allied Health and does a terrific job.

I would like to nominate Sandy Gholston and Michael Wade for their leadership as Co-Chairs of the MLK Celebration Planning Committee. These two gentleman's leadership was instrumental in securing funding for all the events, coordinating the logistics of the majority of events, as well as promoting all the events in through multiple medians. The 2011 MLK Celebrations' success will be in large part due to the leadership and dedication of Sandy and Mike.

I would like to nominate Sherry Hayes for a Pat On The Back Award. Among her normal responsibilities, Sherry has taken on the challenge of updating the Transfer Student On-Line Orientation website. This has been a monumental task she took on which has included; creating, updating, and organizing new web pages for our Transfer Student On-Line Orientation. She has become our "champion" of this project in an effort to provide every resources we can for our new students who do not attend an 'on-campus' orientation. Sherry was able to create an amazing in-house project that would have cost the University thousands of dollars to purchase through an outside vendor. THANK YOU SHERRY!

I would like to nominate Michelle Theobald, the Office of the Dean of Student Life's student graphic designer. Michelle was the sole designer of the many projects including; the Student Affairs Assessment Newsletter, the Bulldog Values poster, the Know the Code postcards for Orientation, the Pride Day advertisement in the Torch, 2011 Orientation Recruitment materials, and the MLK Week posters. With Michelle's creative touch and graphic design expertise, she brought many concepts to life on a creative scale we never thought possible.

Chris Vodry in BUS 212 earned a pat on the back. In arranging for a Saturday activity on campus I was being passed from person to person and not getting answers. When I got to Chris she helped me out and worked with me to get all of the details squared away. She went beyond her duties and made sure all aspects of the event were considered and addressed. Thanks Chris!

If Ferris ever goes to academic advisors, I nominate Kelly Hicks to become the first trainer. She is great with the students. She goes above and beyond, on a daily basis, no on a minute-to-minute basis, to help every person (student, parent, staff, faculty, administrator, it doesn't matter) that contacts the Automotive and Heavy Equipment School (I think that is our name now). She comes in on week-ends, stays late, does whatever it takes, to help every person asking for help. We'd be lost without her!!

Angela Palmer, Office and Business Manager for Office of Housing and Residence Life, is an amazing supervisor. She is understanding, encouraging, compassionate, and fair. She steps up to help even though her work load is already heavy. Angie pays close attention to detail and sincerely cares about fellow employees.  She is a valuable asset to our office.  As the Housing project manager for the Adirondack Solutions on-line occupancy management and student self-service software system, Angie has spent countless hours ensuring thorough attention to detail throughout the implementation process. Thank you, Angie, for being an exceptional leader!

Vicky Deur, Applications Project Manager, for putting so much time and effort into helping improve Housing with our new Adirondack Solutions on-line occupancy management and student self-service software program.  She has spent endless hours with the Res Life Staff during the implementation stage of Adirondack Solutions. She has the computer knowledge, detail oriented mind set, and ability to overcome obstacles while remaining professional. Vicky is proactive, supportive and always willing to assist, she has been more than helpful during this process; she has been a necessity for our success. Thank you, Vicky, for being amazing! Your leadership and teamwork are very much appreciated.

This month's POTB t-shirt winners are: Kelly Hicks, Tina Smith, Angela Palmer, Michael Wade and Michelle Theobald.