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Pat on the Back Awards March 2011

Congratulations to -

I would like to nominate Meegan Lillis for a "pat on the back". She is always so helpful with Ferris Connect questions! Any time you call her with a question, she has the answer and she never makes you feel dumb for not knowing how to do something. She explains your options and then helps you find the best route to go to make it work for you. I appreciate her help and support!


I would like to nominate all the people who made it possible to open the Extended Studies Area of FLITE during the evening of the recent weather emergency. Christine Jacobs of FLITE (x3733) arranged for student supervisors. She and the student night managers--Paul Stergiadis, Justin Aman, and William Loki--slogged through the snow to make sure FLITE opened. I would also like to thank the physical plant staff who did a wonderful job removing the snow in front of FLITE's entrances so we could open.

Media Production would like to nominate Bonnie DePew from the Payroll Office for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. She efficiently handled some reporting issues for us in a friendly, professional manner.

I would like to nominate Carla Erlewine, Nancy Walcutt, Kim Galloway, Sheri Edstrom, Nancy Wencl, and Mike Cline  from the Financial Aid Office for a pat on the back award.  This group of individuals worked together to get us started successfully on the 2011-2012 financial aid processing year.  Not only did we meet our target date, but even exceeded it and with an increase of financial aid applications received compared to last year.  This team approach is just one example of the exemplary staff we have in the Financial Aid Office working to serve our students.  Thanks for everything!

I would like to nominate Kriss Tessin for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Between our office getting a few new computers, and having to add software and printers that were different than most offices were using, he was professional and pleasant while working through our issues. He worked tirelessly to make sure we were able to do our jobs and stopped by just to make sure what he fixed was still working and to make sure we weren't having any further problems. It was a pleasure to work with somebody that went the extra mile to make sure we were able to do our jobs. Thanks Kriss.

I would like to nominate Sherry Hayes. She is the Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP in Student Affairs. She has been critical to the success of the Intramural department and UREC this year. Through her knowledge and expertise of website maintenance, our website continues to provide our students with up to date information regarding game schedules, scores and any other important messages we need to get to our participants and patrons of the SRC. She deserves a "pat on the back" for keeping our department connected to the Ferris State community.

I would like to nominate the following people for a Pat-on-the-back award for all of their extra efforts that they put in to feed our the guests who visit Ferris State University during Dawg Days at The Rock Café: Jason Blaine, Samantha Lambright, Jordan P., George Wise, Sally Maurer, Ramona Larson, Jeff Higley, Linda Aldrich, Nicole Wright, Rachel Bonner, Brittany Delands, Alex Fay, Jillian Neys, Latasha Anderson, Steve Stienberg, Jerome Jones, Courtney Ball, Sara Vanburen, Sam Lenaway, Katie Beemer, Chelsea Cripps, Laniqua Lewis, Erik Faulkner, Tacara Rule, Vernesha Jones, William W, Ashley A., Suraya Wright, Shaniqua Bates, Jgi Jgi Muhammad, Sami Burnette, Sarah Conner, Kyle Smith, Megan Meyer.

I would like to nominate Tracy Frank for a Pat-on-the-back award. Tracy always works hard to provide friendly and fast service to all of our guests at The Rock Cafe and i want her to know that her efforts are appreciated. You Rock Tracy!!

This month's POTB t-shirt winners are: Meegan Lillis, Carla Erlewine, Mike Cline, Sheri Edstrom and Tracy Frank.