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Pat on the Back Awards September 2010

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Nicole Merritt for a Pat on the Back. Every semester, she can be counted on to make sure people with Third-Party billing are taken care of, as well as handling scholarship checks as quickly as possible. From the time we come back after the holiday break, and well into the first week of classes, Nicole is working diligently to take care of all of these issues almost single high-handedly! Going the extra mile to make sure all of these students' accounts are in order make things SO much better and easier for our students. She quietly does her job without a hint of attitude or grumpiness. She's always, helpful and you can hear the smile in her voice whenever she's talking on the phone or in person to our students, faculty, or staff. She's great!

Several of us would like to nominate Anne Hogenson for the Pat-on-back award. Anne is filling in as the Biology department secretary while our regular secretary is on medical leave. Anne stepped into this position with short notice. She has worked hard to learn the "complexities" of our department, and she is doing a superb job. She often stays late to finish the work we "pile" on her. In addition, she is always patient, pleasant and constantly smiling. She sees things to do and does them. She is excellent in working with faculty, students, and others who come to our office. It is a pleasure to have a person of Anne's caliber working with us. She deserves a HUGE PAT-ON-THE-BACK. Thank you Anne for the great job you are doing.

I would like to nominate Kathy LeClaire and Susan Cook for the Pat-On-The-Back Award for their tireless efforts keeping the online course wait list up-to-date, for constantly monitoring online courses for openings, and contacting students to fill any open spots. This is a huge undertaking every semester with 300-500 students on the wait list at any one time. They also contact students that have not logged into their online course(s) once the semester begins to make sure they are not having any problems.

I would like to nominate Andrew Shelton and Jake Mareno, two students from the moving crew, for their hard work in moving construction materials from my office to storage. They were very polite and never once complained about the job. Keep up the good work!

I'd like to nominate Steve Costello for a Pat-on-the-Back. Steve is a computer technician in the CTS department. Steve is a very hard worker. He is very knowledgable about his job and is always willing to help. I couldn't ask for a better IT person for our office!!

On February 13, 2010, two lucky couples were randomly chosen from a drawing to be served a 4 Course Meal at The Rock Café compliments of Dining Services. I would like to take the opportunity to nominate "Chef" Mark Dorman (a Ferris graduate from the Food Service Management Program) for a Pat-on-the-Back award because he took the time to come up with the idea and implement it. I use the word Chef because he made two lucky couples the most awesome 4 Course Menu that I, and a few of his peers, have ever seen and tasted. Mark went above and beyond to make sure that the Valentine's dinner was a success. Every course that he prepared was not only delicious, but very eye appealing as well. Well done Mark.

I would like to nominate CSS first-floor custodian, Mark Rolston for a pat-on-the-back award, Mark began his assignment at Timme a few months ago, and the first floor has never looked better! Mark obviously takes pride in his work and comes to work with a friendly demeanor and a smile on his face. Your work ethic is appreciated Mark!

The employees at the Student Service counter in the Timme Center would like to nominate Jodi Nelson and Lee Adams for their excellent work on the many windows in the Timme Center. We have watched their elaborate work and are extremely impressed! They did a great job and we would like to thank them very much.

I'd like to nominate FLITE staff Kelly McNeill, Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant, and Dorothy Hart, Library Assistant, for Pat on the Back awards. In the recent FLITE student focus groups, students mentioned both Interlibrary loan and student group scheduling as positive experiences they had at the FLITE Library. Kelly and Dorothy, two of the behind-the-scenes FLITE staff, are often the folks who make those two operations look seamless by following up with phone calls and clarifications to make sure things are done right.

I would like to nominate Craig Roach for a pat-on-the-back award. Craig is hard worker that has a dedication to his job that is seldom found elsewhere on campus. He works and is awesome at communicating with others so they know what to expect and when. He has an often thankless job that people don't think about until it doesn't work (like many of us have). Great job Craig, keep it up!!!!

I would like to nominate four individuals in Media Production for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. They supported the 125th Anniversary celebration in a variety of ways. Jeff Gabalis developed poignant and meaningful multimedia visuals to accompany Harry Dempsey's original composition that had its world premiere at a combined concert of FSU's West Central Concert Band (WCCB), West Central Chamber Orchestra (WCCO), and Symphony Band. Steve Cox located and restored historical videos, prepared slide shows highlighting Ferris historical events, and edited taped events for playback on the Ferris Cable Television station. Wes Thompson digitized scores of old photos and slides that were used in a variety of formats; he also recorded many of the week's events, including William Keller's vignettes performed by Ferris students in the Dome Room and the Presidents' Symposium in Williams Auditorium. Kent Kachaterian along with Media Production student graphic designers prepared a multitude of posters and signs to advertise the events. Several 6' banners showing Ferris events over the years lined both sides of the Holiday Inn Conference Center corridor for the 125th Birthday Gala. These talented individuals were able to support departments across campus (Bravo, FSU colleagues, for a memorable celebration!) while continuing to serve students and faculty with routine end-of-the-year media requests. Thanks, guys! Jeff Gabalis, Steve Cox, Wes Thompson, Harry Dempsey, and Kent Kachaterian

The International Center would like to thank Danielle Thornton, Laura Seay and Larry Gelbart for all of the amazing work they did to make the International Festival of Cultures such an amazing success. Thank you!!

Congratulations to the PCI Compliance Team for getting final approval that FSU is PCI Compliant! This was a long difficult project that few universities have completed yet. A lot of work went into this by: Kristy Heeter, Erin Diehm, Lori Henderson, Sidney Eaton, John Urbanick, Linda Golden, Sandy Britton, and Dawn Schavey.

I would like to Nominate Deb Ducat for a pat-on-the-back award. We had 28 students arriving for ProMoTEd orientation on June 18 and at 9am we discovered there was a reservation error at the West Campus Community Center and we didn't have a location for the lunch or the meeting. Within 5 minutes Deb was able to secure a new location in the Pennock building and there wasn't a single mis-placed student. Thank You Deb for always covering the "details".

I would like to nominate some of our housing staff: Amanda Bowyer, Lisa Ortiz and Jon Shaffer for their exceptional service to our non-traditional Pro-Mo-TEd students who stayed in Brophy Hall during June of 2010. Thank you for being so well prepared for these students and making every attempt to accommodate their needs. Even when faced with some disappointed customers these people rose to the occasion to try and make everyone happy.

would like to re commend Dan Vanhorn, Physical Plant moving coordinator for all the hard work and dedication to ensure that Housing needs were meet during the summer projects. Request were made for multiply relocation of housing furnishing during the renovations of lobbies in the South Campus Halls. Dan followed up and always met deadlines to ensure that the furniture transitions went smooth. He deserves a Pat On The Back! Thank you Dan and staff for all you did. What a great asset Physical Plant has!

I would like to recommend the Housing Apartment team and Community Advisors for all the great work they are doing with the Apartments fall openings. The team has met the daily challenges with professionalism and a desire to meet the customers needs. Thanks to Julie Hoisington, Jason Davis, Kevin Honaker, Evan Burke, Lindsey Miller, Eric Watson, Brian Marcy and Peter Born-Powell what a great team. Students are moving back into the apartments and the staff is their to meet the needs. You all deserve a Pat on the Back!

I am nominating FLITE student assistant Lynn Overmyer for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Lynn is responsible for creating many of the displays in FLITE. She has outdone herself for the month of December. The first floor pharmacy display and the two displays on the fourth floor about pogo sticks and drawing are particularly eye-catching and creative. I can't wait to see what she has planned for next month's displays.

I would like to issue pat on the back awards to Mike Pethick in Purchasing and Michelle Herron in UAandM. They both have went up and beyond to help me. They both were very willing to help with matter that needed quick attention.

I would like to nominate Denise Wild-Sims and Dan Sims for helping out a fellow employee in getting something done in their building. Thank you for your help. Keep up the great work Denise and Dan. YOU ROCK

This month's POTB t-shirt winners are: Susan Cook, Lee Adams, Steve Cox, Larry Gelbart, Erin Diehm, Deb Ducat, Lisa Ortiz, Dan Vanhorn, Julie Hoisington, and Peter Born-Powell.