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Pat on the Back Awards January 2010

Congratulations to —

I'd like to nominate FLITE librarians Alison Konieczny and Stacy Anderson and FLITE library student workers Justin Aman and Hieu Hanh Pham for a Pat-on-the-Back Award for their service beyond the call of duty helping students from East Jordan High School on Thursday December 3rd. 37 students came to Ferris to tour campus and to do research in the FLITE library. Not realizing the extent of FLITE's online collections, all came with lists of print material they wanted. They soon discovered trying to copy all the material required was extremely time-consuming. All four members of the library staff worked more than an hour at copy machines getting the needed material while the students were at lunch and on tour. Kudos for their very hard work and making such a terrific impression on the East Jordan HS teachers too.

I loved reading President Eisler's message about how we exceeded our United Way challenge this year. A lot of people worked very hard to make this happen. With that in mind, I really wish we could recognize all the hard work Karen Ottobre does for Relay for Life. She spearheads this initiative and raises thousands for this cause as well. Isn't it wonderful at this time of the year in particular that we can think about giving and not just receiving. Thanks for thinking about Karen's charitable efforts. She deserves a pat on the back.

I would like to nominate Elaine Kamptner of the President's Office and Carol Quigley of Academic Affairs for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. One of their colleagues was home with an injury prior to Christmas, and she was unable to do her Christmas shopping for her family. Elaine and Carol took time out of their busy weekends to do this colleague's shopping, as well as deliver the gifts to her home. Their thoughtfulness, generosity, and kind hearts truly exemplify the reason for the season.

Kevin Rose, Bob Groh, and Brian Krum for going out of their way to help fellow co-workers to get extra tasks done. And they always have such a positive attitude. Thank you!!!!! You guys rock!!!!

I'd like to nominate Annette Erler for a Pat on the Back for her efforts in putting on a luncheon on Dec. 7 for the Benefit of Relay for Life. Annette put on a great pre-holiday feast with enough food for two days! I'm not sure if she had any extra helpers, but if so, they deserve an "attaboy" as well.