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Evaluation & Termination

Instructions for Job Duties

Supervisors of most jobs will provide initial instruction and additional training as needed. Such employment should be viewed as part of the student's total educational experience at the University. If a student has a question or concern about their job, they should talk with their immediate supervisor. If not satisfied with the response at that level, the matter should then be discussed with the director or dean of the employing department.

Work Evaluations

Supervisors are requested to evaluate the student employee's work performance upon the student's promotion to a different wage level or termination. Click Here to Access Our Evaluation Form

A good work record established by student employees may prove to be a valuable source of reference for future employment. Students should be aware that campus employment offers an opportunity to establish a sound work history. The student does have the right to access his/her file.


To maintain employee compliance with policy regulations and standards of work performance, the University follows the concept of Progressive Discipline. Under this concept, penalties increase in severity with each failure to comply with work rules or regulations. However, certain infractions may call for the immediate dismissal of the employee. For a brief listing of some of the work rules that have been established for student employees click here then select "What Is Expected Of Me".

Progressive discipline begins with a verbal reprimand to correct the employee’s behavior. If the behavior continues to be a problem, the student should receive a written reprimand that thoroughly explains the problem as well as the action needed to correct the problem. In both verbal and written reprimands the student should be given an opportunity to respond to all allegations. If the behavior still continues, you may choose to terminate the student.

If a student feels he/she has been unfairly terminated, the student should first speak to their immediate supervisor or (if circumstances warrant) to the dean or director of that department.

After these conversations have taken place, if the student wishes to appeal the decision regarding his/her termination, they must contact the The Student Employment Office Manager within three business days of the termination date. The student may be required to submit a written appeal or other documentation to support their case.

After reviewing the appeal and considering information from both the employee and employer a decision will be made by the Student Employment Office Manager regarding the outcome of this appeal.

Information from all involved parties will be considered and a decision that is deemed to be in the best of the student, employer, and University will be made. Written notification of the decision will be sent to the student and the employer. This decision will be FINAL. There is no additional appeal process.


For many students, this job may be their first type of employment. Supervisors should keep this in mind when working with student employees. Supervisors should orientate students to the working environment as well as department policies and expected work rates.

During their term of employment, student employees may realize the need to stop working due to the need to spend more time with their studies or other obligations. At that point, the student should talk with their supervisor, explaining why they will no longer be working and determine a termination date. The student should keep in mind that many offices depend on the help they receive from student employees and, if possible, make arrangements to continue working until a replacement employee is hired.

Supervisors who decide that they must terminate a student employee should explain the reason for the termination to the student and give them a termination date.

The lower portion of the department's copy of that student's Intent-to-Hire Form and an Evaluation Form should then be completed and returned to Student Employment Office. Those forms will then be kept in the student's file for future reference.

To terminate a student's assignment, please notify Payroll and Student Employment Office asking them to stop the student's assignment.

FSU Student Employment Termination

If student employees have especially egregious violations of work policy the Student Employment Office reserves the right to prevent the individual from future student employment. These violations may also be forwarded to the Ferris State University Office of Student Conduct and/or Public Safety for further investigation and actions.

These violations include but are not limited to...Fraudulent reporting of hours worked, Disclosure of confidential records, and violation of the Employee Dignity/Harassment/Discrimination Policy in the workplace.

Student Rights

As employees of the University, students have certain rights.

  1. The right to expect the University to provide equal opportunity in employment without regard to sex, race, creed, national origin, handicap or political affiliation.

  2. The right to a work environment free of the threat or actual incidence of either racism or sexual harassment.

  3. The right to be provided adequate instruction and the proper working conditions in order to perform the assigned job duties.

  4. The right to be given fair and advanced notice of inadequate performance before being disciplined for such reason and to be given recourse in employment discipline procedures.