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Responsibilities in Grant Management

The Principle Investigator/Program Director:

  • Perform the grant within the guidelines of the proposal and follow the regulations related to the grant.
  • Submit written reports in accordance with the guidelines of the granting agency.
  • Determine that bills submitted for payment fall within the guidelines of the budget.
  • Follow Ferris State University policies and procedures in the completion of the grant (i.e. purchasing, travel, conflict of interest, employment, etc.).
  • Provide status updates to Dean's Office.

Responsibilities of the College Dean:

  • Receive status reports on the work of each grant.
  • Review the grant proposal to ensure grant work is adequate.
  • Assist in the financial duties as needed in lieu of assigned account clerk.
  • Ensure University Policies are followed in the completion of the grant.

Responsibilities of the Grant Accounting Office:

  • Request funds from Granting Agency.
  • Complete quarterly/annual financial reports.
  • Submit invoice to Sponsor
  • Review request for new accounts and establishment of grant budget on Financial Records System.
  • Select sample grants for internal review of documentation, adequacy of records, and compliance with agency guidelines.
  • Maintain a calendar of important dates on grant administration and prompt departments for action on grants.

Responsibilities of the College Accounting Staff Assigned to the Grant:

  • Determine that bills submitted for payment have appropriate documentation.
  • Determine that expenditures fall within the established grant budget.
  • Monitor and reconcile expenses against Financial Records System and the grant budget.
  • Ensure policies are followed in the payment of goods and services.