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Federal Search Gateways

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities which provide assistance or benefits to the American public. It contains financial and non-financial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the Federal government.

Federal Business Opportunities
The official online listing of Government contracting opportunities. Follow the provided guides to searching this very important database.

Federal Web Locator
Hosted by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy. Direct links to every federal program and agency.

FedWorld Information Network
Search for grants, reports, and other important federal documents.

Grantsweb. Society of Research Administrators
An exceptionally comprehensive and reliable list of resources. Covers government resources, private resources, federal policy information circulars (Office of Management and Budget regulations, etc.) and general information including e-journals, downloadable forms, links to discussions on intellectual property, newsgroups, etc. Direct links to every government office and department.