TIP for Current Students


Our goal is to help TIP Scholars be successful at Ferris State University. 

Please see the important information below to learn about TIP Funding and the TIP Scholars Program. 

    • TIP will pay for 12 credits per semester (fall and spring) towards an eligible associate degree, pending state approval for Fall 2019
    • Students must have a completed FAFSA on file and must be eligible for Phase 1 to receive funding
    • In Phase 1, a student must enroll in an Associate degree program
    • Ferris State University offers Associate degree programs and certificate programs that can lead to Bachelor degree programs.
    • Students must meet the institution's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to remain eligible for funding
    • A student must be enrolled at least half time (six credit hours) in any given semester to receive funding
    • TIP funding is not available for the summer semester 
    • EFFECTIVE FALL 2016: Student schedules will be reviewed each semester to ensure TIP eligibility. TIP benefits may not be used to pay for Bachelor degree courses. It is essential for students to work closely with their academic advisors to ensure that coursework is eligible to qualify for TIP funding.
    • A TIP student can start Phase 2 when they have completed their Associate Degree or a minimum of 56 credits and a maximum of 80 credits
    • Phase 2 must be completed within 30 months of completing Phase 1 requirements
    • In Phase 2, students should enroll in a Bachelor degree program. 
    • Phase 2 pay $500 per semesters for four semesters
    • Students must meet the institution's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to remain eligible for funding
  • Associate in Science

    Associate in Arts

    Associate in Applied Science

    To see program check sheets for the above majors, visit:

  • All degree candidates are required to file a formal application for graduation no later than the mid-point of the semester prior to their anticipated graduation date. Your academic advisor may assist you with the completion of your graduation clearance forms.

    To be eligible for graduation, you must meet the program grade point average requirements, as well as meet the course and credit requirements specified for the selected curriculum and the University's general education requirements.

    The process for completing graduation applications and/or audits varies by college. Click on the link below for a list of contacts for people who can answer questions you may have regarding graduation clearance.

    College Commencement Contacts

    More graduation information and requirements can be found in the following links:

    The online graduation application is available in MyFSU. Select the "Student" tab, the "MyRecords" icon, and then scroll down to the Degree Progress & Graduation heading on the left.