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Equipment Rental

  1. Rental rates are for days out of the center. Equipment may be picked up the day before the rental period begins without charge for that day. "Weekend" (3-day) rentals may be picked up on the day prior if available, and must be returned before close of business on Monday. Extra charges begin immediately after the last day of the rental period if equipment has not been returned on the day agreed. The full one-day rental fee will be charged for each late day beyond the rental period.
  2. Payment of rental must be made before taking the equipment. This can be done with cash, check, or charge to a student account.
  3. Cancellation for any rental period must be done by equipment room closing the day prior to the start of the rental period. If a cancellation is not received by that time, Ferris State University will charge for the full rental period.
  4. Deposit is required. This can be done with cash, check, or credit card. This fee is returned contingent upon the equipment being returned in the same condition it was checked out. Your credit card will not be charged unless damage is found.

Click here for Equipment Rental Fees