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Professional Digital Marketing Certificate Online


Online Certificate Program

Take Your Marketing Career to the Next Level

If you are employed (or hope to be) in a field where you need a good working knowledge of internet-based marketing activity, the Professional Digital Marketing Certificate may be ideal for you. You will learn both the theory and practice of digital marketing, and the Professional Digital Marketing Certificate will enhance your skills through courses of your choice focused on:

  • Multi-channel marketing — integrating online and offline marketing with profitable results
  • Selling online and saving money and time for your company and your customers
  • Managing databases in a digital world
  • Mastering best practices in business-to-consumer digital marketing, business-to-business digital marketing, and direct marketing
  • Creation and execution of internet marketing / advertising plans and campaigns including the basics of website design and implementation

You will be provided with the latest cutting edge internet-based marketing skills that will help you, not only in digital marketing, but also in careers such as direct marketing, advertising and professional selling. This certificate is structured for experienced professionals who wish to choose digital marketing-related courses to enhance their career development. This certificate can be completed online.

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