Ferris Financial Facts

Tax and DUNS Numbers


DUNS NUMBER557304664

Most grant proposals will include indirect cost rates or administrative overhead rates. Some grant guidelines will not allow overhead to be charged as a direct cost of the grant. Depending on the terms of the grant guidelines, differing rates of overhead or indirect costs may be used. These are general rules to follow:

Federal Research Rate

The University established rate is 30% of Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC). This rate will be used for federal research grants or other federal grants that allow the use of the indirect cost rate. Once a research grant is accepted, the University must submit financial information to renegotiate the research rate. This process must be done through the Investments & Grant Accounting Office, Administration & Finance Division, Prakken 255B, phone x2157 or x3905.

State Overhead Rate

The overhead rate for State funded grants is 8% of total grant expenditures (grant budget).

Other Administrative or Overhead Rates

Grant proposal guidelines may allow an institution the flexibility to establish its own administrative overhead rate. The grant proposal author may question the granting agency concerning ranges of overhead rates that have been used in the past and the cost basis on which these overhead rates are calculated.

In general, if the grant guidelines allow an institution to claim overhead costs, the grant authors should take advantage of this allowance using the rates and schedules given above.


A portion of the indirect costs recovered from every eligible grant will be allocated to the principal investigator, his/her respective department, and the departmental dean's office. A separate account will be established for these indirect costs, and a written plan for the use of these funds will be submitted along with the request for this new account. The use of indirect costs must comply with certain Federal and State regulations. It should be noted that the percentage paid to the principal investigator is not a bonus or additional compensation. It is intended to be used to provide income for program development, educational opportunities for professional development, departmental equipment, or in the performance of grant-funded activities.