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Alumni Survey results

Summary of results

A survey with 16 questions was sent to 650 Alumni of the Surveying Engineering Department. Of these 650 the department received 177 filled questionnaires. An analysis of the results shows that the state of the Surveying Engineering Department Alumni of Ferris State University is excellent. 88% of these Alumni are working in the Surveying Engineering profession, the average salary is $74000 which is well above the average salary stated by the US Department of Labor for Professional Surveyor. From these Alumni 19% are earning more than $100,000. More than 71% are licensed as Professional Surveyors and 5% are Professional Engineers.

Areas generally perceived as the most critical need in surveying education in the next five years are:

  • GPS, GIS and Advanced technologies.
  • Legal aspects and boundary surveying
  • Business management, team work and communication skills
  • State Plane coordinates

Areas perceived as least relevant were photogrammetry and remote sensing except for those working in the photogrammetry industry.

The following action was taken to address these concerns:

  • In The new Surveying Engineering curriculum, GPS is taught and integrated in more courses for example SURE220, SURE230, SURE425 and SURE440, in addition to the Geodesy and GPS courses SURE452 and SURE453.
  • The new GIS and Digital Photogrammetry lab enables practical experience with the state of the art GIS technologies as well as other technologies such as Laser Scanning.
  • Another legal aspects course was added SURE366 to reflect the need.
  • The department has developed a new form that provides information about the small business management certificate. This program is an excellent opportunity for students interested in learning more about management and faculty encourages student to take these four courses.
  • State Plane coordinates are now being taught and practiced in almost all the courses of the Surveying Engineering program.

The complete survey with the questions, results and an analysis is presented in the attached Appendix.

Appendix Alumni Survey