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Tutoring Policies

  1. Check-In
    Be sure to check-in with the front desk worker and be logged into Navigate each time you come to the ASC. If your tutor is not available, please take a seat and work quietly until they are available.

  2. Number of Sessions
    A student may receive:
    • A maximum of two 55 minute tutoring sessions per week, per subject.
    • A maximum of one 55 minute or two 30 minute (drop-in) tutoring sessions per day, per subject.
  3. Appointments
    An appointment can be made, canceled or rescheduled by going online to Navigate, by calling (231) 591-3543, or by coming into the ASC.
    • Appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 4 hours notice will be considered a “missed” appointment.
    • Failing to show up for an appointment will be considered a “missed” appointment.
    • After 2 missed appointments, the system will no longer allow the student to make appointments for the remainder of the semester. All future appointments will also be canceled. Tutoring will only be available on a “walk-in/drop-in” basis.
  4. Drop-In/Walk-InTutoring
    If a student comes into the ASC without an appointment, and a scheduled walk-in tutor is available, they may have a 30 minute tutoring session with that tutor. Drop-In tutoring is on a first-come first-served basis and is limited to 30 minutes per session and 2 sessions per day, per subject.
  5. Preparing For Your Session
    Your tutor is here to assist you, NOT do your homework.
    • Read your assignment before you come.
    • Attempt your homework and come with questions about problem areas.
    • Bring your textbook, workbooks and class assignments.
  6. Check Out
    Please make sure that you check out on Navigate at the end of your tutoring session.
    • If you are staying in the Tutoring Center to study after your tutoring session is over, please check out on Navigate and then check back in with the Front Desk worker. This will insure more accurate data of your tutoring time.
    • Always check out on Navigate, even if you are using the Tutoring Center just for studying.