FAQ: Cost, Fees, and Financial Aid

  • The application fee is set by PharmCAS. There is no additional fee on top of that imposed by PharmCAS.

  • Yes. We currently require a deposit if you are conditionally admitted, which is applied to your tuition once you begin classes in August. This deposit is subject to change for each entering class.

  • Please see the Ferris website for information on tuition, and room and board.

  • Yes. You can find out more about what FSU has to offer by contacting its Financial Aid Office. The college does offer a number scholarship opportunities. Incoming students are eligible for a Pharm.D. Scholarship that is $3000 per year for four years ($12,000 total). Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to keep it each year. Scholarship awards are based on a combination of academic merit and financial need. Additional scholarships and awards are available as student progress through the program.  Other scholarships opportunities may be viewed at www.aacp.org

  • For most aid programs, it is not. The Financial Aid Office at FSU considers pharmacy students independent professional/graduate students.