Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum 2011 - College of Pharmacy

The pre-pharmacy curriculum may be completed at Ferris State University or at another accredited college or university within the United States or Canada. Application guides for most Michigan colleges/universities can be found on our website click here . Successful completion of the pre-pharmacy curriculum at Ferris or any other college or university does not guarantee admission to the College of Pharmacy.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that courses taken at another university are deemed acceptable. The specific minimum course requirements for admission to the College of Pharmacy are listed in the table below. Please review the admission policies click here for completion rules, criteria for admissions and more information on deadlines and procedures.

Applicants who have earned, or will earn prior to admission into the professional program, a BS degree, may have some of the General Education requirements waived. These include English, Speech, and Cultural Enrichment coursework. However, students are encouraged to complete these courses within the pre-Pharmacy curriculum to better prepare for the professional program.

For additional questions and information you may call the College of Pharmacy at (231) 591-2249 or send an e-mail message to [email protected]

Pre-Pharmacy Course Requirements

Requirements Credit Hours
General Chemistry 8-10 b
Organic Chemistry 8-10 b
Biochemistry (should be at a level that has organic chemistry as a prerequisite) 3-4
General Biology 8 b
Anatomy and Physiology
7-8 b,c
Microbiology with lab 3-4
Genetics 3
Physics 4
Calculus for the Life Sciences or Calculus 3-4
Statistics 3
English Composition  d
Interpersonal Communication or Principles of Public Speaking 3
Introduction to Psychology or Introductory Sociology 3
Principles of Economics 3
Cultural Enrichment (e.g., Humanities) - One course must be at the 200+ level 9
  • Grades below a C (2.0) are not accepted in any pre-pharmacy course.
  • General chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, and anatomy and physiology courses should include laboratories.  Our admission policy is to require completion of the entire inorganic chemistry (with labs) sequence and organic chemistry (with labs) sequence at the health professional preparatory level or chemistry major/minor level as specified by the college/university chemistry department.  This may require more semester hour equivalents then specified above.
  • Anatomy and Physiology course sequence should be biology major or pre health professional (e.g. pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine).  We reserve the right to disqualify anatomy and physiology sequences determined to be introductory or basic in nature. Avoid single semester combination anatomy and physiology courses.
  • Effective FALL 2018 (3 additional credits of English Composition at a 300 or higher level)