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Costs Related to Nursing Program

Cost Breakdown

  • Tuition is determined on an annual basis. Tuition rates for the current academic year can be found at this website:
  • Books: Approximately $500-1,000 each year of the professional sequence
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or Smart phone: $300(approximate) for hardware. Software: $0 cost to student; Ferris has a site license. (Note: purchase of a PDA or Smart Phone and software package will replace some recommended textbook purchases.
  • Criminal Background Check: Approximately $40 per check; Additional costs may be incurred per individual check, depending on number of previous residences out of state.
    • Drug Testing: Approximately $45 per testing (if required)
    • Finger Printing: Approximately $70 (if required)
  • Immunizations: $320 for first year to include all immunizations and titers; $20 each subsequent year for annual TB test update
  • CPR Certification: $50 for initial certification, $30 for update after two years.
  • Clinical Attire & Equipment
    • Nursing Skills Kit (Semester 1 of professional sequence): $100
    • Uniform: $120 (standard scrub to be ordered through FSU)
    • Uniform Shoes: $70
    • Name Tag: $5
    • Watch with second Hand: $50
    • Stethoscope: $100 or more depending on quality
  • Standardized Testing Costs: Approximately $95 per semester or $190 per semester for accelerated students.
  • Licensure Application: Approximately $200; may vary from state to state. This is not a program cost, but provided for information post graduation.

Note: Costs listed above are approximate and based on current academic year projections. Costs may increase each year. Also, students may be able to control some costs depending on where they purchase books and equipment.