Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

Nuclear Medicine Technology at Ferris StateNuclear Medicine Technology is an exciting medical specialty that uses radioactive medications to image organs and tissues in the human body. Nuclear Medicine Technologists are responsible for preparing and administering the medications to patients undergoing Nuclear Medicine tests. They also operate the sophisticated scanners that are used to perform the imaging.

The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at Ferris State University is the only university-based program in Michigan. The program offers on-campus classes and labs along with a clinical internship in a Nuclear Medicine Technology Department. The program is offered in an accelerated format so that students can earn their degree in less time.

Students must first complete certain qualifying courses that can be taken at Ferris or the equivalent courses taken elsewhere. Students then complete the professional sequence of the program which is only offered at the Ferris - Grand Rapids campus. Pre-professional advisors will assist students while they take the required qualifying courses.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program or would like to set up an appointment. My contact information is below. You may also explore the Ferris Grand Rapids NMT Program’s website

Thank you for your interest and please consider Ferris State University’s Nuclear Medicine Technology Program.

Tim Vander Laan, MPA, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Coordinator

Contact Information:
Tim Vander Laan, MPA, CNMT
NMT Program Coordinator
[email protected]