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Radiography Program Costs

First Year Expense Item Cost Second Year Expense Item Cost
Lead Markers $20 Clinical Shoes $70
Scrub Uniforms x2 $100 Lab Coat (optional) $50
Lab Coat (optional) $50 Scrub Uniform x5 $250
Calculator $30 ARRT Cert. Exam $200
Sharpies-Perm. Marker $10 Exam Photo $20
Immunizations - All $270 Printer Paper/Ink Cartridge $70
Criminal Background (x2) & Immunization Tracker $101 CPR-recertification $30
CPR Certification $50 Certification Review Exam $50
Laptop/Computer $1500 Immunizations - Boosters $50
Printer $300    
Printer Paper/Ink Cartridge $35    
Ring Binders x5 $30    
Finger Printing Fee $40    
Drug Testing $50    
Total Cost First Year $2586 Total Cost Second Year $790

Please Note:

  • This expense sheet does not include the cost of purchasing a health insurance policy
  • This also does not include the cost of relocating to another area for internship (i.e. housing)
  • Additional miscellaneous expenses, such as professional membership dues and out-of-town seminars that are part of the student’s professional development may be encountered during the two-year program. An attempt is made to inform the student in advance so this will not be burdensome. Cost of any of the above is subject to change without notice.
  • Students attending continuing educational activities may acquire additional cost for meeting, workshop, courses etc...