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Kent Sun, PhD

Kent Sun, PhD

Phone: (231) 591-2579
Email: [email protected]


  • PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Applied Math-Statistics
  • MS, Polytechnic University, Electrical Engineering
  • BS, Cornell, Electrical Engineering

Graduate/Post-Graduate Training

  • Post- Doctoral Training, Post-Doctoral Training in Biostatistics, UNC, Chapel Hill

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Cited Research
    Sun, K. (1995). "Numerical solution of differential and algebraic equations for a flow model with diffusion." Application Mathematics Letters. 8 (4). pp. 79-82.


  • Lecture
    Sun, K., "The Beauty of Pi," (March 14, 2017).
  • Lecture
    Sun, K., "Making the Wrong Decision? Not a chance," (April 21, 2016).
  • Presentation
    Sun, K., "The Hunt for Pi," (April 23, 2015).
  • Lecture
    Sun, K., "Some Milestones in Math: it’s (almost) all Greek to me," (April 10, 2014).
  • Lecture
    Sun, K., Dekker, M., "Using Tegrity in Math Courses," (October 12, 2010).
  • Lecture
    Sun, K. (Discussant), Dekker, M. (Discussant), "A Discussion on Collaborative Testing," (February 8, 2007).
  • Presentation
    Sun, K. (Presenter), Panel, "Faculty Panel on Learner Centered Teaching," (August 24, 2005).
  • Lecture
    Sun, K. (Presenter), "A Tree Grows in Big Rapids: An Introduction to the Statistical Method of Recursive Partitioning," (November 21, 2002).