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Add, Drop, and Withdraw Policy

Add, Drop, and Withdraw Policy

This policy applies only to students majoring in a College of Arts, Sciences and Education program.

Adding a Course

The Ferris State University Catalog states, "Once classes begin, a student may adjust their schedule during the first four days of the term. This includes adding and dropping a course." The last day to drop a course is note in the FSU academic calendar and it is the responsibility of the student to know the date and to adhere to the policy for adding and dropping a class. Students may drop and add via the Ferris360 or in person at the Student Services Center on the first floor of CSS (Timme). Before adding, you must determine if the class you want to add still has seats available. If the course is closed/full, you may request online to be placed on the waitlist, but a seat is not guaranteed by doing so.

Late Add Appeal

Under extenuating circumstances a student may request to add a course after the deadline. To request a late add, students must contact the department that the course is offered in (by email, in person or by phone) and include the reason for the late add, along with the course abbreviation, number, and CRN/section (Full listing of College of Arts, Sciences and Education Departments). If approved, the department chair/head will email the approved late add information to the Director of Student Academic Affairs in the Dean's office of the student's major college for processing. The course will be late added pending available funds and no holds on the student's account.

Dropping a Course

During open course enrollment, students are able to drop a course through the first four days of the term for 100% tuition refund. After the fourth day, students must request to be withdrawn from the course and will receive a W grade. There is no refund associated with a withdrawal. To see the specific deadline dates for each semester and for partial terms, please view the Ferris Academic Calendar.

Late Drop Appeal

After the 4th day of a term, students will not be allowed to drop a course for 100% tuition. If there are extenuating circumstances, an appeal may be filed with the Dean's office requesting a review of the late drop request. These are very rarely granted. Appeal for Late Drop Form

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course through the last day for a "W" grade indicated in the Academic Calendar. Students must contact the Dean's office by phone, (231) 591-3660 or in person at the Arts, Sciences and Education Commons (ASC) 3052 to withdraw from a course. You should consult your advisor and/or instructor to determine the appropriateness of this action.

Late Withdrawal Appeal

Under extenuating circumstances, students may appeal for a late course withdrawal after the late withdrawal deadline. Late withdrawals are NEVER granted due to poor performance in a course. If you think that your situation warrants a late withdrawal, discuss it with your instructor or advisor as soon as the situation becomes apparent. For late withdrawal requests, fill out and submit a late withdrawal appeal form or visit the College of Arts, Sciences and Education Dean's Office at ASC 3052.

Complete Withdrawal from Courses

Before electing to completely withdraw from courses, please consult with your advisor and the financial aid office. Please see the academic policy letter referring to medical withdrawals and complete withdrawals (non-medical) before making a decision. Complete withdrawals are for truly exceptional circumstances.

Dropping or withdrawing from a course, especially if it reduces your credit hours for a semester below 12 credit hours (full-time status), can significantly affect eligibility for financial aid, athletics, Greek life housing, etc. Before dropping a course, be sure to:

  • Check with the Financial Aid Office at (231) 591-2110 if you receive any type of financial aid
  • Talk to your course instructor
  • Consult an advisor