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FSU Admin Council Minutes


FSU Admin Council Minutes
November 2015:
The Administrative Council has been discussing the following topics at their recent meetings:
  • Currently working on the Council elections process to ensure a more broad representation on the Council.
  • Vice President Scoby met with the Council requesting feedback from the membership on the new performance evaluations and merit processes. 
Topics/concerns conveyed to the Council from the membership:
  • Outdated position descriptions.
  • Employees receiving additional duties without further pay or removing current duties to accommodate the additional work.
  • Employees requesting flex time.
  • Dental and vision plans have not been updated in over 10 years.
  • Discussion on ways to project positive working environments at Ferris.
  • Discussion concerning the potential changes as proposed by President Obama on FLSA Overtime Exemption Rule to change the exempt from overtime salary from $23,660/year to $50,440/year.  This awaiting a 60-day comment period.
  • Concerns that the employee service awards event has lost focus and that employee names are not announced.
  • Position postings do not list salary ranges.  Could the salary range at least be listed for internal employees/applicants only?
  • Sick time carry over for those not grandfathered.
  • Positive comments on the Staff Center for Training and Development and its work, as well as the funding provided by President Eisler to continue and the new full-time support staff.