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About Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor

Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking tests in Canvas.  It prevents the user from printing, copying, or going to another application or URL.  If your instructor has indicated you will need to use Respondus LockDown Browser to take a test, you will need to download the application and follow the instructions before beginning the test. 

Download and Install Respondus LockDown Browser

You will need to download/install the Respondus LockDown Browser (Windows or Mac). Use the link and follow the steps. Once you have installed the Respondus LockDown Browser you will need to close all other running applications, including any other browsers in order to continue with the test.

Download Respondus LockDown Browser File

Using Respondus LockDown Browser

  • Close all open programs.
  • Locate the "LockDown Browser" icon from your desktop and double-click on it. 
  • If prompted to close an open program, answer Yes or close the LockDown Browser and close the open program before restarting.
  • That will bring up a login page.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • You will then need to navigate to your Canvas course and locate the Quiz/Test.
  • If the instructor requires a test password, a new window will appear asking for the Exam Password.  Enter the password and begin the exam. 
  • If no password is required to take the exam, open the quiz/test to begin.
  • Save your individual answers.  You can always go back to change your selection and save again.
  • There is a final Save & Submit button that you will need to use at the close of the test

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor enhances LockDown Browser by using webcam and video technology to prevent cheating during online exams. Respondus Monitor integrates seamlessly with Canvas, and is ideal for non-proctored testing environments.

Students use a webcam to record themselves during an exam. A "startup sequence" includes a webcam check and other requirements set by the instructor, such as showing identification or making a short video of the exam environment. Only the instructor can review video recordings or data from the exam session.

Respondus Monitor automatically flags students for suspicious behavior, such as leaving the computer during the exam, or a different person entering the video frame. This, along with other data, provides useful information to the instructor about the exam session.

Reported Issue:  Some students get an error when LockDown Browser is performing the environment check.  We have found out that some antivirus applications that are installed on the computer prevent the final check to complete.  More information on that topic can be found on the Respondus website.

Help With Respondus