We have several training events scheduled and listed below. To register for a training event, click on date on the calendar event of the session you are interested in. Some past events may have been recorded and you can find the recordings HERE.



If you do not see the training that you need, please contact the eLearning office by phone at (231) 591-2802 or by email at [email protected].

Turning Technologies Clicker Webinars

Clickers is a classroom or audience response systems that enables teachers to rapidly collect and analyze student responses to questions during class. Turning Technologies is the Ferris technology standard and it allows you to engage students using polls or quizzes and have the grades automatically sync to Canvas. 

You can find more information on getting started with Turning Technology clickers at Ferris on our website. Turning Technologies always has training webinars scheduled.  To register for one of their free webinars, go to their website and click the "register" link.