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Communication Technology Tools - Turning Technologies

Clicker Options

You have three clicker options to choose from.  Students can purchase them from the Campus Bookstore or online at Turning Technologies using the Ferris School Code: FSu4.

  1. The ResponseCard QT (can be used for testing and polling) will cost the student approximately $53.35 for a new clicker at the campus bookstore and $40.00 on the Turning Technologies website.

  2. The ResponseCard RF LCD (only used for polling) will cost the student approximately $42.65 for new clicker at the campus bookstore and $32.00 at the Turning Technologies website.

  3. ResponseWare (only used for polling) is the license for the free mobile app. The license will cost the student $15 for a  1-year license and $32 for a 4-year license at the Turning Technologies website. NOTE: If a student has a ResponseCard, they do not also need to purchase a ResponseWare license. They may simply use their ResponseCard.

Campus Outfitters

Faculty and Staff, if you are planning to use the clickers in your classroom, please be sure to let the Campus Outfitters know. This insures that they can plan to have enough clickers available to supply the student’s needs.

Instructor Kits

If you would like to try using the clicker in your class this semester, you can request an instructor kit from Turning Technologies . The instructor kit comes with a clicker and a USB drive that has the software on it and it also acts as a RF (radio frequency) device.

  • Turning Technologies - Link to Request an Instructor Kit


Below is a list of step-by-step instructions that you can print to help guide you or your students in using Turning Technologies clickers.

  • Instructions to Give Students using ResponseCards [pdf]
  • Instructions to Give to Students using ResponseWare [pdf]
  • PowerPoint Polling [pdf]
  • Anywhere Polling [pdf]
  • Self-Paced Polling [pdf]
  • Blackboard Integration [pdf]


Turning Technologies training offers training in a variety of formats and mediums to help you learn how to use their TurningPoint software and ResponseCard hardware. The Turning Technologies training website has online training, on-demand tutorials, detailed documentation, self-paced training courses and more.

If you have additional questions about clickers or would like assistance, please call the Faculty Center for teaching and Learning at (231) 591-3826. They can show you how to see if your students already have a clicker.  They can help you get the clicker registration set up for your class and they can show you how to get the clicker grades into Blackboard.

Clicker Equipment for Checkout

If you are interested in using clickers in your classroom for a short period of time either on a trial-basis or for a special exercise, you may contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at (231) 591-3826 to check out a kit that includes 40 clickers and a USB drive.