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ABET Accreditation

The Facility Management program is proud to be recognized for the quality of its achievements through the recent receipt of accreditation by ANSAC-ABET. The following information has been supplied by ABET*, with our thanks:

What Is ABET Accreditation?

ABET accreditation is assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which it prepares its students. For example, an accredited engineering program must meet the quality standards set by the engineering profession. An accredited computer science program must meet the quality standards set by the computing profession.

ABET accredits postsecondary degree-granting programs housed within regionally accredited institutions. ABET accredits programs only, not degrees, departments, colleges, or institutions.

Who Sets the ABET Quality Standards?

The quality standards programs must meet to be ABET-accredited are set by the ABET professions themselves. This is made possible by the collaborative efforts of many different professional and technical societies. These societies and their members work together through ABET to develop the standards, and they provide the professionals who evaluate the programs to make sure they meet those standards.

Why Is ABET Accreditation Important

  1. Accreditation helps students and their parents choose quality college programs.
  2. Accreditation enables employers to recruit graduates they know are well-prepared.
  3. Accreditation is used by registration, licensure, and certification boards to screen applicants.
  4. Accreditation gives colleges and universities a structured mechanism to assess, evaluate, and improve the quality of their programs.

Students successfully completing ANSAC-ABET accredited programs are expected to perform to the following levels:

ABET Student Outcomes:

For baccalaureate degree programs, these student outcomes must include, but are not limited to, the following learned capabilities:

  1. Effective Communication: Students will use a variety of media to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.
  2. Leadership and Management: Students will understand, identify, and summarize organizational, managerial, ethical and legal principles for the delivery of facility management services.
  3. Human and Environment Factors: Students will understand and integrate concepts concerning relationships between the physical work environment, social, psychological and physiological needs of the users; and understand and integrate concepts concerning safe and functional work environments in the context of sustainable ecological practices.
  4. Operations and Maintenance: Students will understand and integrate operation, planning, budgeting, and management practices for: building systems, system operations, system diagnostics, maintenance, occupant services, and real estate holdings.
  5. Internship: Students will reinforce classroom concepts through engagement in and completion of the FM internship program.
  6. Professionalism & Career Potential: Students will demonstrate success in finding employment and/or continuing their education after graduation.
  7. Professionalism & Career Potential: Students will demonstrate success in finding employment and/or continuing their education after graduation.

Facility Management Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Provide a foundation in mathematics and physical science, behavioral science, written and verbal communication, and computer skills.
  2. Provide a solid foundation in business and management and its application to Facility Management.
  3. Develop an ability to use the tools and techniques of the facility manager.
  4. Develop an understanding of facility analysis, planning and design.
  5. Develop knowledge of the architectural and construction process.
  6. Develop knowledge of contemporary office technology and philosophy.
  7. Develop knowledge of building systems technology and the proper operation and care of those systems.

The Bachelor of Science in Facility Management is accredited by the Applied and Natural Sciences Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Facility Management.