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The Architecture program at Ferris State is centered around the design studio where small groups of students and a faculty member work together on design projects that employ a "learn by doing" methodology. The four-year program prepares you to be a flexible thinker and find creative solutions to a wide variety of challenges. You learn to evaluate, organize, and refine ideas, developing skills that apply in art, business, science, technology, and the built environment.

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Year 1: Fundamentals – begins with foundation studios in architectural drawing and graphic media as tools of the architectural design process. Emphasis is placed on the integration of traditional and digital media in two- and three-dimensional work.

Year 2: Development - focuses on design principles that begin with and move from conceptual design studies to architectural design that demonstrate sustainable practices.

Year 3: Exploration - focuses on architectural design and intensifies as projects become more reality-based and complex. Projects address the relationship between space, form, structure, site, and how these reflect client needs, principles of sustainability, exploration of historic preservation, as well as architectural and community context.

Year 4: Synthesis - the centralizing elements of the fourth year are the Small Town Studio and the Capstone Studio. Together these experiences take students out of the classroom and into the community to address real-world problems of planning and design that address the spatial, architectural, transportation, economic and cultural needs of small towns.