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Graduate Options two-year AAS in Architectural Technology

Educational Opportunities

The majority of graduates from the two-year AAS in Architectural Technology degree program continue their education at Ferris in one of the following two-year baccalaureate degree programs.

  • BS in Architecture and Sustainability
  • BS in Facility Management
  • BS in Construction Management
  • BA in Interior Design at Ferris’ Kendall College of Art & Design

The technology and foundation skills emphasized in the AAS program compliments the theory and practice emphasized in the BS programs to produce a well-rounded professional education.

Dual Degree - Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainability and Bachelor of Science in Facility Management

Many students take advantage of the dual degree program that includes two bachelor degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Science in Facility Management. This dual-degree program consists of a structured, organized curriculum that allows students to complete both degrees and graduate in 5 years.

Students who pursue this unique learning path have interests in both architecture and facility management and wish to combine two career-oriented degrees to acquire in-depth knowledge of two subject areas, broaden their horizons, or improve job prospects. Additionally, completion of the dual degree program shows initiative, organization, and follow-through. These credentials look impressive on a resume, and provide our graduates with the opportunity to take their careers in diverse directions as interests and priorities change.

Not only is the dual degree an education that allows students to pursue two careers, but it implies an education that fosters and develops transferable skills, such as communication, teamwork, and collaboration, as well as design of the built environment.

Students interested in pursuing the dual degree are invited to make an appointment with the Program Coordinator in the Architecture and Facility Management Program Office by calling (231) 591-3100 or emailing [email protected].

Employment Opportunities

Those AAS graduates, who choose employment, typically find positions as architectural technicians or BIM and CAD operators in architectural firms. The demand for architectural technology skills goes beyond the conventional architectural firm and other employment opportunities can be found with engineering firms, construction companies, and building product manufacturers.

Average salaries for an architectural technician (U.S. Department of Labor, 2021)

  • Entry-level: $36,000 to $45,000
  • 10 years experience: $57,000 to $70,000
  • Median salary for a graduate with an AAS degree is $59,120