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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the School of Built Environment

Do you want to make a difference? Are you curious about the world around you – how buildings, roads, and infrastructure get designed and built? Do you look at yourself and say, “I could do better than that?” Perhaps the new School of Built Environment at Ferris State University is for you.

Or, are you working in the world and looking to expand your value to employers? Do you want to increase your knowledge of architecture, facility management, construction, or heating, ventilating and air conditioning/refrigeration? Perhaps the people and programs of the School of Built Environment are right for you, as well. Let's find out together.

Every day we interact with the buildings, roads, bridges, and other man-made facilities of the built environment. Without the creative efforts of professionals involved in the planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance of these facilities, our life would be unimaginably different.

The School of Built Environment offers three primary program areas. Each program area offers both Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. Within each program area, the AAS degrees seamlessly transition into related BS degrees.

The Architecture and Facility Management program area begins with an AAS degree in Architectural Technology. Upon completion of this degree, a student may choose to continue their education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Facility Management or our new and exciting Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Sustainability.

The Construction Management program area offers an AAS degree in Building Construction Technology and another in Civil Engineering Technology. Upon completion of either of these two degrees, the student may continue to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. Many of the courses are offered remotely as well as on campus.

The HVACR program area provides an AAS degree in HVACR Technology. Upon completion of this degree, the student may pursue a Bachelor of Science in HVACR Engineering Technology. The BS degree is offered on line as well.

Within the School of Built Environment, cross-disciplinary opportunities also exist. For example, a student completing an AAS in Architectural Technology may decide to pursue a BS in Construction Management. Other opportunities for collaborative degrees are being formed all the time. Transfer students may enter the programs with credit for many of the courses taken elsewhere.

The School also provides Minors and Certificate programs in many areas. New "extra-curricular" courses in specifications, building information modeling, and other areas are being developed that differentiate Ferris State University students from the rest of the pack. Many of the professors hold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and courses are taking on the challenge of a sustainable environment.

If you have the desire to make a difference in the built environment, give yourself the opportunity for an exciting career and learn more about our programs. Contact the Program Coordinator for your area of interest or the School Director for more information.