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Gabrielle Romero Profile

Gabrielle Romero

Hometown: Marysville, MI
Major: Psychology

Why Ferris?

I choose Ferris because it was a home away from home. Meaning it was a small campus and they provided the best scholarships and financial aid.

What support systems do you find most useful?

I have found my advisor to be the most useful support system that I have found on campus.

What has surprised you most about your college experience so far?

I was mostly surprised about how close I was able to get my with my professors and that I was able to build actual relationships with them one on one.

What advice do you have to a new first generation college student considering or pursuing a degree at Ferris?

My advice would be to go in to college with an open mind. College is a time for a lot of change and you will develop different perspectives from what you once had. Just go in ready to learn more about yourself and others.