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Alondra Campos Profile

Alondra Campos

Hometown: Holland, MI
Major: Dental Hygiene and Spanish for the Professions

Why Ferris?

I choose Ferris for a couple different reasons. I knew I wanted to go to Ferris since 8th grade when I first visited campus, I just did not know what profession I wanted to do. In 9th grade I decided I wanted to go for interior design and took classes in high school. After a while I decided interior design was not for me and wanted to seek a new profession. When I was 10th grade I visited Career Line Tech Center which is a part time school for high school students to teach them and get a boost of what career they would like to go into. I was able to visit the Dental Career room. I instantly fell in love with the program and decide I wanted to go for dental hygiene. I applied for my senior year and was excepted. I right away made sure Ferris had a dental program and I was super happy when I found out they have an amazing program. I was still unsure if Ferris was the best fit for me since I have not explored any other college. I knew for sure Ferris when I found out my Tech teacher is a Ferris alum and she would always talk about the program there. I knew for sure Ferris was my choice when my tech class was able to visit Ferris and the dental clinic. I instantly knew Ferris was the college for me. I do not regret my choice. I love Ferris and all the opportunities it gave me.

What does being First-Gen mean to you?

A First Gen Student is a student who is the first in there family to attend a four year college or university. This is so special to me because my mom was unable to finish school. She left Mexico to start a new life in the United States with my aunt. My mom had for kids and raised us on her own. She was never able to finish or go back to school due to her language barrier and financial issues. I saw her struggle so much to find ways to stay financially stable. We were so lucky to have a church who love and help us so much when we are struggling. Going to college was a huge step for me, but I wanted to go to college to get my degree and have an amazing career when I'm older. I want to give to my mom and help her. I know me furthering my education will make my family proud. I am determined to give back to my mom all those years of her always working and making sure me and my siblings were taken care of.

Something Interesting/Quote:

I am determined to learn and be fluent in 5 languages in my lifetime.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time."- Thomas A. Edison

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." -George Lorimer